i help women over 50 get—and stay—fit. even if they think they’ve tried everything.

Seriously. You don’t need the latest “remove a whole food group” diet plan. You don’t need the newest fitness craze either. You need new ways to think and habits to make the body you want a reality.

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Don’t over-complicate it

is losing weight over 50 impossible?

Get 5 Nearly Painless Ways to Lose Weight Without Going Hungry!

Hi. I’m Kathy

And I’m over 60.

Just like you, I want to not only be in great shape for my age, but look and feel younger than I am. Believe it or not, it’s totally possible.

The picture you see was taken on my 61st birthday.

Join me in the journey I call Fitness Over Fifty. Together we can even change it to “Hotness” Over Fifty!

I’m all for that!

5 years ago…

I was stumbling and struggling to keep my Eating and exercise (and life) under control.

By chance I heard about something called a “growth mindset.” That began my journey to understanding how our minds and thoughts control so much of what we do, subconsciously.

You see, it’s not new diets or workout programs you need, you need new thoughts, a new mindset, and a plan to move you toward the very best years of your life.

Let me help you on the journey to your Phase Two.


P2F 12-Week Fitness Revamp

Think you’ve tried every diet out there and it’s “just no use“? I’ve got good news…

It’s not your fault you feel like you’re on a roller-coaster every time you want to lose weight or get fit.

You don’t need a new diet, or the latest fitness fad. You need a new mindset, some new habits, and the tools to get them.

Together, we’ll get you there! (And a side effect just might be a more confident you!).

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