How to pick which meals to prepare for the week

This meal planning thing can get really complicated. I like to keep things very simple, but for those of you who are more adventurous, or who don’t like repeating the same meals every week or every-other week, I have some ideas that can hopefully get you started. And heck, maybe you will have some ideas I haven’t heard of! If…
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10 Reasons You Should Exercise

You hear it everywhere, bombarding you from all sides. Exercise! Work out! Take a walk! You hear it so much that by now you’ve almost tuned it out. You must exercise to keep healthy, stay young, be able to play with your grand kids…on and on and on. Enough already! You know you SHOULD do it. But can someone really…
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Small Steps help You Realize Big Goals

Why Small Steps Will Help You Realize Your Big Goals I almost always want to lose some weight before summer. This year it was 20 pounds. That’s more than I usually am over my ideal weight, but there it was. Was I going to do it the usual way? Just grind it out and suffer until the weight dropped (hopefully)?…
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