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trying to lose weight over 50?

But tired of failed dieting attempts?

A new diet or workout program won’t get you permanent weight loss…without your mindset being in the right place!

does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve been on every diet and exercise program ever invented. You lose some weight and then fall off the wagon. Back to square one…or worse!
  • You beat yourself up and try to browbeat yourself into submission…OR…you say “Screw it! I’m sick of depriving myself.”
  • And then the cycle begins again, and now you’re just about to give up…


this keeps happening because...

01. You’ve trained your brain to give up when the going gets tough!

And you’ve trained it by default, not design. Everything we do every day of our lives either reinforces a pattern in our brain or doesn’t. We’re not even conscious of it. But when you realize this is happening, then you have the power to change it.

02. You deprive yourself of everything you love.

Diet = deprivation, amiright? And then that, in turn goes against #01, above, and when you eat a “forbidden” food and then go all out, you’ve just reinforced that pattern. Again.

03. You set yourself up for failure with expectations that are too high!

Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks!! Get “bikini ready” for summer! All you have to do is exercise 3 hours a day and eat kumquats! Let’s face it, these schemes are just that…schemes designed to get you excited and fork over the dough.

It doesn’t have to be such a struggle

You can train your brain to love fitness!

  • Stop sabotaging yourself and learn to master your mindset so you can move forward.
  • Learn how to deal with negative, or unhelpful thoughts (which may be most of your default thoughts!).
  • Discover helpful ways to take control of your self-talk.
  • Celebrate your wins, no matter how small!

let me introduce…

Mindset Mastery

You can go on as many diets as you like, but if your default thoughts are hurting instead of helping you, you’re unlikely to make permanent progress. Stop the discouragement, the browbeating, and binge eating that comes from giving up.

  • You’re sick of the diet – sabotage – diet again cycle and are ready for something that works.
  • You’re not ready to give up on yourself yet.
  • You believe you can change, and are willing to take the steps to do it!
  • You’re willing to take it slowly, so it finally sticks.

Get Mindset Mastery for only $15


hey, friend!

I’m Kathy, and I’m over 60. I’ve been where you are and finally escaped the dieting rollercoaster in my mid 50s. I can help you escape, too!

what you get…


12 weeks of simple tasks to transform your mindset

Each week features a different practice designed to help you recognize and learn to manage your thoughts.


Instructions and worksheets to implement the tasks

The instructions contain not only the “why,” but the “how” to implement your tasks. You’ll be amazed what you discover about yourself! Over 30 pages included!


Learn to slow down, listen, and take control of your self-talk

Once you begin to recognize how unhelpful the things you say to yourself every day, you’ll be well on your way not only to mindset mastery, but mastery over your fitness and health!

IN THIS guide and workbook YOU’LL LEARN…

to pay attention to the thoughts that run through your head constantly, and…

  • Learn to listen, just listen to tune into what you’re thinking, and how that thinking may be keeping you from your weight loss and fitness goals.
  • Begin noticing your self-talk, which can be a force for positive change in your life, or to keep you stuck in the same old patterns.
  • Actually notice the positive things that take place around you all the time, even when you least expect it.
  • Change the way you talk about yourself and distance yourself from your unhelpful thoughts and self-talk.

Get it for only $15!


Fit-Fabulous-Over 50

I’m ready to master my mindset!

Just $15!

this may not be for you if…

There’s no diet in here, and no exercise prescription either. It’s strictly working on your mindset, getting it to a place where you aren’t constantly down on yourself. If you continue down that path, you’re unlikely to have lasting success.

See above. This is not a diet. It’s a way to reset your mind so that you begin to see things differently, and learn new ways of coping with your unhelpful thoughts and default responses. You know, the things that got you to where you are now. These exercises will prime your brain for new ways to get fit that will stick!

I’ll be the first to admit that the very word “mindset” used to send a chill down my spine. I don’t do trendy buzzword stuff. But once I realized that THAT thought was unhelpful and decided I would give it a try? It literally transformed my life, including my weight and fitness.

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