Do you know you need to exercise but don’t know where to even begin?
All you need to do is walk!

  • Learn how to ease into a new walking program!
  • Discover that you’re not limited to walking outdoors.
  • Get a complete 6-week plan to begin your walking program at the absolute beginning!
  • No experience required!
get fit over 50!

here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to start small so you don’t burn out fast (this is the single biggest mistake women make when starting an exercise program).
  • Day-by-day instructions for how long to walk, and at what pace for 30 days.
  • Why walking is the best place to begin if you’re a beginning exerciser.
  • How walking (yes walking!) can help you lose weight!

It’s yours for free! Take action now and get started walking right away!

Start your walking program now!

Here’s what you get…

A simple to follow, day-by-day beginner walking program.

It starts from the very beginning, with no assumptions about your past (or current) amount of exercise!

You’ll slowly increase the time and distance until you’re walking like a champ!

Burn calories (and fat!), and learn to enjoy exercise!

7 pages of instructions and worksheets.

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