Want more help developing a mindset that supports your fitness goals?

The Fit Mindset

Discover how to change the thoughts that drive your negative results, and create the fit, healthy body you’ve longed for.

If you struggle with negative self-talk, feelings of self-doubt, or a lack of motivation when it comes to health & fitness, this workbook is for you.


  • Worksheets and instruction on how to retrain your mind to cultivate a more positive and resilient mindset.
  • How to identify your own negative beliefs about fitness, develop positive affirmations that resonate with you, and practice mindfulness and gratitude as you work towards your goals.
  • Detailed instruction on how to challenge your automatic negative thoughts with the truth.
  • How to question the so-called evidence that says you can’t accomplish your goals.
  • Lessons on a simple, non-threatening way to meditate that only takes 5 or fewer minutes a day.
  • Plus bonuses! Habit tracker, gratitude journal, journal prompts, and affirmation cards.

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does this sound like you?

✨You make promises to yourself to eat better & exercise more.

✨But after a few successful days, reality sets in.

✨You come home late and the last thing you want to do is cook a healthy meal.

✨And don’t even think about exercise!

✨So, your default negative thoughts kick in, and before you know it, you’ve just “failed.” AGAIN.



You’re Not Alone

I’ve been in your shoes…and there is a better way!

01. YOU Need Better Stories

Your stories and beliefs aren’t necessarily true. In fact, they’re probably not, especially if they’re all negative things about YOU.

02. YOU Can Change Your Stories!

Sure it takes some practice (and more practice), but it works!

03. YOU THINK “mindset” stuff is a waste of time

I thought that, too, for a very long time. But I was wrong. I’ve traded a lifetime of letting anxiety, worry, and negative thoughts literally run my life.

Now I’m able to deal with all of them in a constructive way that allows me to grow. You can too!

*Note: your negative thoughts and worry won’t go away…they’re part of being human. But you’ll have a totally new and productive way to challenge & reframe them.

It’s always too soon to quit.

Norman Vincent Peale

Here’s what you get…


You actually woke up every day confident that you can make…and sustain…the changes necessary to transform your fitness. With ease.

The Fit Mindset

Here’s your chance to become the fit woman you’ve been dreaming of. Stop the weight loss rollercoaster and change the thoughts that are driving your negative results!

  • You’ve tried to lose weight and get fit a million times before.
  • You think you’re almost a hopeless case!
  • You’re starting to believe your negative thoughts are really true.
  • Yet you still think there’s a chance you can change (and you can)!

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