Taking a Chance on Yourself: One Woman’s Journey from Rule Follower to Risk Taker

Do you always take the safe route? Never shake things up, or do the unexpected? Karen was that way for most of her life until one day, things changed. Forever. Maybe you, too, can take a chance on yourself!

This isn’t one of the normal things I write about…sorta. I mean, I write about mindset and values, but mostly about how they relate to your health and fitness.

This is a little off subject, but still relevant, I think. You decide for yourself!

I have a lifelong friend. Let’s call her “Karen.” Karen has always been a rule-follower. In school she always did her homework, was never late and always, always obeyed her teachers.

Follow The Rules

Karen got good grades and studied hard. In junior high and high school, she took all the normal subjects, but never really took a chance. She never tried anything that may have stretched her a little too much.

Why? Because it might mean missing out on an “A” grade. She graduated from high school with a straight A average, and was class valedictorian.

She married responsibly, went to church, and raised two wonderful boys. By the book (well, except for that home schooling thing).

Always following the rules.

Then, one day, when she was OVER 50, for craps’ sake, she did something really, really, crazy, and TOTALLY against the rules.

I mean, big time life changing. And not just for her. It changed the lives of those around her a lot, too. And it didn’t change everyone’s life for the better, either.

Woman taking a chance on herself
A leap of faith….

Make A Change

But she did it anyway. Was she right or wrong? Selfish, thinking only about herself? Some people thought so. Some were confused, angry, and felt betrayed.

Yes, it was a difficult choice indeed. There was a time when Karen thought, “I absolutely CANNOT do this!” And one day it changed to, “I absolutely cannot NOT do this!”

Why am I telling your Karen’s story? Because sometimes you just have to stop playing it safe.

You have to shake things up even if it’s scary. Stop following all the rules.

Who made them anyway? Your parents? Your friends? Who made them all experts?

How many times have you thought you wanted to do something a little bit daring and didn’t do it because of what people might think? Or what society says is okay?

Now please understand I’m not talking about illegal or dangerous stuff here. I’m also not necessarily talking about major life changes, even though Karen’s was one of those.

Blow Everyone’s Mind

It could be something as simple as wanting to begin working out at a gym, afraid that your husband or friends would find it wasteful, self-centered, or fruitless. Or maybe you yourself thought you wouldn’t stick to it.

It could be wanting to start an online business, or become a yoga instructor or a writer! Maybe going back to get that degree, or taking up piano lessons.

learning piano taking a chance

Whatever it is, if it’s something you want to do, really want to do and think it will add value to your life, maybe you should take a chance. Take a chance on yourself.

Because at the end of your life, if you don’t take the chance, you’ll always wonder what would have happened if you did.

The “thing,” should you decide to act on it, may not turn out well. It may be part wonderful, part heartbreaking. It may be a complete flop!

Do It Again!

But you know what, you’ll learn from it. You’ll learn more about yourself, and that taking chances doesn’t mean you’ll die…of embarrassment, fear, failure, or any of those other things that hold most of us back.

Change the way you think. About yourself, about the world, about everything. Be willing to change.

Oh, and Karen?…she’s very happy now, 12 years later, thank you very much. πŸ˜‰

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  1. You only live once. You will never know what you are truly capable of or if it will bring you fulfillment until you take the leap. “If we are unwilling to fail, we are unwilling to succeed. ” Mark Manson