Ignite Your Motivation Worksheet

Identify the small, actionable steps that will set your motivation ablaze!

Have you ever...

felt stuck in a loop of unmet fitness goals?

Do you yearn for motivation that never seems to last beyond a day? Or a burst of motivation to at least kickstart your journey?

Ignite Your Motivation flips the script, revealing a powerful truth; action preceeds motivation! Never wait for motivation to “strike” again.

This worksheet is your guide to setting the wheels in motion for your fitness success. 

Get ready to reignite your fitness journey with the actionable steps you’ve been missing!🚀

Let's get real for a second...

Motivation is fleeting.

but Ignite Your Motivation solves that...

•Step-by-step instructions to discover your own ignition steps.
• Create your own ignition action plan
• Identify potential challenges & their solutions
• Track your progress
• Celebrate your wins!

Hey there!

I'm Kathy

I’m your fitness over 50 guide. I’m a certified fitness trainer, lifestyle wellness coach, and kettlebell instructor.

I’ve studied nutrition for over 40 years, and learned a thing or two about diets, exercise, and wellness along the way.

I’ve been where you are and come out on the other side, better than ever! I’m in my mid-60s now and still going strong. Yes, the picture to the left is current, taken in 2022 when I was 65.

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