Five [Nearly] Painless Ways To Lose Weight

Without Going Hungry!

Have you ever...

started a new, strict diet, only to fail days later?

I know I have, more times than I can count. The thing is, we start with great enthusiasm and motivation (maybe those New Year’s Resolutions?). But then life gets in the way, and you’re right back where you started. And furious with yourself for failing…AGAIN.

Ah, but if it can be [nearly] painless? And you don’t have to go hungry? Yes, that’s just the ticket to keep you going. Slow and steady really does win the race!

Hey there!

I'm Kathy

And I’m your fitness over 50 guide. I’m a certified fitness trainer, lifestyle wellness coach, and kettlebell instructor.

I’ve studied nutrition for over 40 years, and learned a thing or two about diets, exercise, and wellness along the way.

I’ve been where you are and come out the other side, better than ever! I’m in my mid-60s now and still going strong. Yes, the picture to the left is current, taken in 2022 when I was 65.

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