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Losing and maintaining weight is about calories in and calories out. This is true NO MATTER what plan you’re following (I’m talking keto, paleo, Atkins, IF, intuitive eating, grapefruit, blood type–all of them!).

does any of this sound familiar?

  • You can’t keep cookies, chips, or ice cream in your house because you’re afraid you’ll eat them all at once!
  • Your idea of “dieting” consists of deprivation, constant hunger, and worrying about if you’re “doing it right.”
  • You’re completely confused about the best way to get to the weight you feel most comfortable at, and you’re tired of starting (and failing at) every new program that comes down the pike!

Introducing…Fitness by the Numbers


Getting and staying healthy when you’ve tried everything out there is demoralizing! It’s time to make losing and maintaining weight uncomplicated, delicious, and dare I say it…even fun!

Fitness by the Numbers – Simplify Your Weight Loss After 50 cuts through all the nonsense, the emotional roller-coaster, and the hype.

Inside you’ll find over 80 pages of explanation, advice, instruction, and trackers to help you get to the weight you want to be — and stay there!

Stop beating yourself up and thinking it’s all your fault. It’s not! Sure, your brain doesn’t want you to change anything and will give you all sorts of reasons why it’s just too much and you’ll never succeed. But you don’t HAVE to listen to that!

Follow some simple guidelines, be willing to experiment and make it easy on yourself!



Counting macros and calories is nothing to be afraid of! Yes, the fat loss industry and former “dieting” industry has tried to demonize it so they can sell you all their new nonsense programs. But we’re on to them!

What if instead of all the nonsense you could…

  • Eat cookies, steak, cheesecake, and brownies without worry?
  • Actually enjoy experimenting with new ways to prepare your favorite foods?
  • Remove the phrase “trigger foods” from your vocabulary forever?
  • Actually be excited about eating instead of scared you’ll ruin your life?

30 days of trackers for your calories and macros!

Everything you need to
count your calories & macros

(And yes, you’ll learn what macros even are!).

easy plug-in calculations

Simple to use.

6 starter recipes

Favorites made healthier!

Stop being afraid of calories!

Calories are simply a NEUTRAL measurement. They have no intrinsic meaning beyond what you give to them.

This is a MINDSET and THOUGHT issue. Calories are not inherently scary and they are the perfect tool to get you the results you desire!

Sensible energy tracking, along with delicious made-over recipes so you can still eat what you love, are they key to lifelong success in fitness and health!


Everything You Need To Know About Calories, Protein, Carbs & Fat

Calories and macros made simple. We’ll take the mystery (and confusion) out of all of it!

How To Determine Your Optimal
Calorie Intake

Plug-in some numbers, crunch ’em, and know your optimal energy intake whether you want to lose, maintain, or gain weight!

Low Calorie, High Protein Recipes

So you can see the possibilities of turning your favorites into protein packed, delicious, lower calorie masterpieces.

Healthy And Tasty Foods: Low Calorie & High Protein

Includes 6 recipes to get you started on eating low calorie, high protein and most important.., healthy & DELICIOUS food! While it’s true that weight loss and maintenance is calories in and calories out, your health is still important. Eat treats, but why not try to make them healthier if you can? Same goes for your rib-stickin’ favorites, like “fried” chicken, cheesecake, and brownies!

Beef Tacos

So tasty and adaptable. Quite high in protein, flavor, and YUM factor.

Scrumptuous cheesecake

Low calorie, high protein and amazingly delicious and easy to make. No bake!

Instant pot oats

My favorite breakfast! Sweet, high in protein, creamy deliciousness.

Amazing brownies

These are a surprise! Moist, supremely chocolatey and healthy! Incluces a secret ingredient.

filling peanut butter shake

Another favorite breakfast treat. Add chocolate or not…it’s a peanut butter lover’s dream!

air fried chicken thighs

These blew my socks off! So much flavor, so crispy and satisfying. Loaded with hunger-suppressing protein.

Losing and maintaining weight doesn’t have to be complicated, tasteless, or boring!

Why you need this!

Ah, dieting. The very word seems almost taboo these days, am I right? Dieting is bad for you. Dieting makes you GAIN weight (?). Dieting doesn’t work.

Okay, okay, we get it. The diet culture over the past few decades has not exactly been the most reliable avenue for permanent, healthy weight loss.

We let too many advertisers, hucksters, and late-night infomercials dictate what, how much, and when we ate so we could look like the nymph of the moment!

And while it’s true that there are unhealthy and healthy ways of eating (which is really what a diet is, after all), we don’t need to throw out the provervial baby with the bathwater.

You’re mostly fighting a losing battle if you severely restrict certain foods that you love. Which is what most “diets” do. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Just figure out the amount of energy (aka calories) you need each day or week, and fit what you want to eat into that! Leave your emotions out of it, make it fun and challenging, and away you go!


Louise K.
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I’ve been on a million diets over the years, most recently low carb. It was so hard to not eat bread! This guide (and Kathy’s explanation and encouragement) has helped me to not only lose and maintain my weight, but stop obsessing about “off-limits” foods. Nothing is off limits, NOTHING. That’s what makes it so doable.

Get Fitness by the Numbers
and receive a beginner walking program free!

Complete with 6-week daily program, trackers, resources, and sample interval walking program.

Bonus: 6-Week Beginner Walking Program!

For absolute beginners! Start where you are, and progress at your own pace. Walk indoors (on a treadmill or not) or outdoors–the choice is yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

In a word, NO. Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy: They help fuel your brain, kidneys, heart muscles, and central nervous system. Fiber is a carbohydrate that aids in digestion, helps you feel full, and keeps blood cholesterol levels in check. Your body can store extra carbohydrates in your muscles and liver for use when you’re not getting enough carbohydrates in your diet. A carbohydrate-deficient diet may cause headaches, fatigue, weakness, difficulty concentrating, nausea, constipation, bad breath and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

While ANYTHING taken to excess can be harmful, calories, like any unit of measure, are completely neutral. Generally knowing how much energy your body needs to function, and eating within that range is an easy way to maintain your weight and health. Becoming obsessive about calorie counting can certainly be counter-productive, but that’s a mindset issue.

The simple answer is yes. The larger question is, how much is “too much”? Most research indicates that eating in excess of 2 grams of protein per kg of body weight over a long period can be harmful.

The recommendations in this program are far less than that, averaging around 25-35% of your daily calories.

No, not if you don’t want to. Much has been written recently about how bad calorie counting is, and who would want to have to figure all that out like a maniac every single meal? First, again, this is a mindset issue. Second, people keep tabs on their income and expenditures all the time (or at least they should) and no one thinks this is crazy.

But, once you’ve done this for a while (and how long is different for everyone), you get a good feel for the recipes and foods you like best, and you can put together appropriate meals within the range you’ve chosen very easily.

Of course you could go overboard eating 1500 kcal per day of M & Ms and Doritos. I don’t think you’d hold up well health-wise over the long haul.

I recommend eating delicious foods that are healthy and nutritious 80% of the time, and the other 20% can be whatever you like. Just be sure you’re sticking within your calories each day (or week if that’s easier for you).

Even the 80%, however, can be delicious treats, like some of the recipes I’ve included here.


hey, friend!

I’m Kathy, your fitness over 50 guide. I’m a certified fitness trainer, lifestyle wellness coach, and kettlebell instructor.

I’ve been studying nutrition and fitness for over 40 years and learned a thing or two about diets, exercise, and wellness along the way.

I’ve been where you are and come out the other side, better than ever! I’m in my mid-60s now and still going strong. (Yes, that’s a current picture, taken in 2022).

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